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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Gift

Whoo Hooo!!! My daughter, Skye has been keeping a very BIG secret from me for about 3 weeks now. All I knew was that I had to visit Scrimshaw Mary in Nashville this coming weekend, and that it involved a taxi Friday night. Well . . . Skye got tickets and is taking me and Mary to the Fleetwood Mac concert to celebrate our birthdays!! I am sooo excited!! (The last time I saw them in concert was in 1978(?), at the Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts ~ I believe it was shortly after their hit 'Landslide' was released. . . Wow)

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Utah Crew ~ 6

Last, but by no means least, if you receive emails from wire-sculpture, you already know 'Brandon'. He is on the left, (Alec on right). Now you have a face to go with the name. BTW, Brandon is going to be the one interviewing me this Saturday, (June 20), on their first 'webinar'! If you're at all interested, follow the link below:
Free Webinar with Dale/Cougar! Talk to you then!!

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Utah Crew ~ 5

The first person to contact me about possibly working with the wire-sculpture crew, was Jack Collins. A very charismatic wire jeweler, Jack works in customer service full time at wire-sculpture. (If you happen to speak with him, say Hi for me!)

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Utah Crew ~ 4

This 'dynamic duo' are Mark, (major tech wizard), and Alec, (master marketing expert). I really enjoy working closely with these continuously energized individuals, (who kindly put up with me when I talk in circles!)

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Utah Crew ~ 3

When you call to speak with customer service at, you may speak with Crystal, who is also their receptionist. (Wire-Sculpture also has other customer service reps located around the United States.)

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Utah Crew ~ 2

This is Oscar, a very talented computer programmer. (The picture on his desk is of his lovely wife.)

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Utah Crew ~ 1

Well, I pleaded my case with the Wire-Sculpture crew in Utah and as promised, here are pictures of a few of the folks 'behind the scenes'. Scotty is a 'Junior Tech', and does computer work.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday, we had the joy of a visit from Charlie's youngest daughter, Rhea and two of our grandaughters. Savannah recently turned 7 and loves making jewelry when she visits. She made a pair of argentium silver earrings using chrysolite green Swaroski beads. While I worked with Savannah, Skye helped 2 year old Aubriella string a bracelet. (Start them young!)

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2nd Class at 5ive Points Museum Center

Two days after returning home from Utah, I had the pleasure of working with a great group of students at the Museum Center at 5ive Points in Cleveland, TN. Their ages ranged from about 17 through 72 and everyone worked as a team. It was wonderful to see some folks return for 'more' and to introduce several newcomers to the wild world of wire jewelry design. Everyone left wearing their new bracelet and smiles.

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River Inspiration

Somewhere between Houston and Salt Lake City, I happened to look ot the window and saw this very cool river. I wonder how it will emerge in wire?

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Some of you may wonder just what I've been up to for the past couple of months. Well, the new owners of had contacted me with an amazing offer. As a result, I flew to Utah to meet and brainstorm with them, (ending with a mushed brain), and I have agreed to partner with them in a variety of areas. This is a shot I took of the Great Salt Lake from the plane. The colors and swirls of the wetlands near the lake are pretty inspirational.

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The price??

Yes, everything comes with a price. Upon returning home after vacation, we discovered that the water heater had developed major leaks while we were away, (and my husband was on a job in Alabama). As a result, Skye ended up with a totally re-done room. She choose these colors and is extremely pleased with her red ceiling. (Creativity comes in unusual ways.)

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Disney Vacation

Yes, I sometimes take vacations that are not 'business' related. In mid-May, my daughter Skye and I enjoyed a week at Walt Disney World's Caribbean Resort. We used all provided transportation, enjoyed floor seats at their 'Spirit of Aloha' luau, (I took waaay too many pictures of Cinderella's castle), played in all areas of the park, (I even took a few naps), and were never in a hurry. One of my favorite spots was Epcot/Italy. (And although I took it with me, I never once opened my laptop!)

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"Gunny" Bates

The ripples from the DVDs I made for JTV haven't subsided, as David 'Gunny' Bates is a new student. David was so impressed with the instruction on my JTV DVDs, that he searched me out on the Internet and as a result has been coming in once a month to do individual project classes. Gunny had been doing a few craft shows with his beautiful stringing work. Now his wire designs are taking him to 'higher' places. (While in the Marine Corp, he had the opportunity to learn some lapidary and makes a of of his own cabs as well.) I really enjoy working with this imaginative gentleman, as his ideas spark new inspirations!

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