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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 2009 ~ Utah ~ 4

While working in the Wire-Sculpture warehouse, I spent some time sorting more than 600 druzy cabochons into size categories and just had to sneak a picture to share some of the 'things-to-come' with you!

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July 2009 ~ Utah ~ 3

YES!! Brandon does play with wire! He and I spent an afternoon together, working on some new design ideas.

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July 2009 ~ Utah ~ 2

Megan is the 'Warehouse Mistress' and loves singing along to show tunes while she works at the Wire-Sculpture warehouse.

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July 2009 ~ Utah ~ 1

During my recent trip, to work with the Wire-Sculpture team in Utah, I spent a lot of time in the warehouse with some great folks like Heather.

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Maine ~ June 2009 ~ 4

Of course, our trip to Acadia would not be complete without a visit to the unique shops in Bar Harbor, or my favorite dinner!!!

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Maine ~ June 2009 ~ 3

Walking around several areas of Acadia National Park, one always can find a variety of things to take inspirational pictures of, such as the roots of this tree that had been knocked over by winter storms.

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Maine ~ June 2009 ~ 2

While teaching at The Beaded Moose, I also have the opportunity to visit with my brother and his family. A favorite side-trip is to take the lovely drive from Bangor to Acadia National Park.

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Maine ~ June 2009 ~ 1

One of my favorite places to teach is The Beaded Moose in Bangor, Maine. (Dora Petry's phenomenal bead store, on Outer Hammond Street.) Not only does she carry a huge variety of supplies for both the beader and the wire-wrapper, but Dora also has a large, friendly work area. You can stop by to take a class or just to find a quiet place to sit, visit and work on your latest creation for a while. (Dora is also a well-known animal rescuer and her shop is home to several, wonderful therapy animals too.)

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